Quick post: Why aren’t all penguins criminals?

I was sent this link a while ago, and on the webpage is a video of a maths teacher, Mr Ben Davies, who talks about his favourite lesson. The lesson he talks about is designed by Simple @ Complex (a group of research students at UCL) and is titled “Why aren’t all penguins criminals?” It is a mathematical modelling (50 minute) lesson aimed at year 9 pupils and makes use of videos from the BBC’s Frozen Planet series.

I haven’t yet used the resource but, after flicking through my iPad this evening and coming across the lesson plan, I thought I would share it. I have added the lesson plan to a new Dropbox folder for resources that I come across and will add the rest of the resources tomorrow.

Lesson plan

Online resources provided via Simple @ Complex

It looks like an exciting lesson and I would be interested to know if anyone else has used this resource and found it successful.

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