Blogging for KS5

I set up a blog for my KS5 students a couple of weeks ago as a way of providing them with a reference for covered lesson content and extra resources (it also saves me some printing credit too!).

The posts have so far included all the resources used during the lesson (i.e. presentations, PDF of interactive whiteboard teachings, activities, etc.) along with a ‘run down’ of what has happened during the lesson. This provides an opportunity to remind students of how we overcame some misconceptions that may have been raised during the lesson. At the end I have included a homework/private study reminder (with links to worksheets when appropriate) and then some ‘follow up material’. This has generally been extra material such as links to revision videos, extra worksheets and the occasional STEP or UKMT question. Some students have really appreciated this opportunity to ‘stretch’ their knowledge.

This felt like a really good idea at the time and it has been well received by my students so far! I keep plugging it in lessons to ensure that they are all visiting the blog and using it to help with their studies. I hope to include some more posts when I start my KS5 enrichment club after half term as well!

3 thoughts on “Blogging for KS5

    1. Hi Miguel – I tend to update as I go along so thinking isn’t a major problem, take a look if you like ( Generally it can vary, depends how much I want to put in, but not much longer than 10-15 minutes for an update assuming all resources are to hand! I am hoping to develop it more as I go along – look to get some feedback from the sixth formers soon! Hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions! Rob


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