“Discourses of Assessment – Discourse of Mathematics” (Morgan 1999) | LMERG reflections

LMERG: London Mathematics Education Reading Group.

Original post and links available on the LMERG blog.

Paper selected by Lisa Chalmers – “Discourses of Assessment – Discourses of Mathematics” (Candia Morgan, 1999).

Justification: Interest in the development of viewpoints on assessment from 1999 in comparison to now. What is the goal of assessment and what should we be doing?

Reflections on the discussion (R. Beckett)

Assessment is something we all have to do and the focuses of assessment have changed–now if a student doesn’t ‘make the grade’ then it is deemed the teacher’s fault. Is the goal of assessment really to just get students a better grade in their examination? What are we doing it for?

It was suggested that Candia Morgan, in this paper, is evaluating the […]


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