3D display with year 8

As we came to the end of the first half term of 2016, my year 8 classes were about to conclude their learning of the shape topic being covered in the department scheme of work. This meant briefly looking at properties of 3D shapes. In a maths Twitter lesson planning (#mathsTLP) session I asked what I might be able to do.

Mr Mattock suggested his jigsaw on Euler’s rule which, whilst I didn’t use it this time, I’m sure will come of use in the future.

It was suggested that I should get the students to make the shapes. Sharon Derbyshire then recommended her post about work with 3D shapes which used to facilitate this.

Using the idea of sweets and cocktail sticks my students completed a number of ‘which shape am I’ tasks to construct various 3D shapes. These then formed my classroom display as Sharon suggested!!

First two weeks as an NQT

So the second week of full time teaching has come to an end. I have had an interesting start and as a result of timetabling issues at my school I will be gaining (and losing) a number of classes. These changes result in me losing KS4 contact this year in favour of teaching classes in both year 12 and 13. I am looking forward to a tough and interesting year!!

This far I have managed to make use of a small number of ideas and resources which have, more often than not, been sourced through Twitter. The idea of this post is to share some of these ideas.

The first was immediately a revolutionary change to how I functioned during my PGCE year. Suggestions for use of the iDoceo app for iPad came up on Twitter towards the end of August and ‘how to use’ guides by @missradders and @MathedUp have made using my iPad at school incredible. Keeping track of ideas and planning has become easier and it has also given flexibility to quickly edit seating plans.

@missradders – My Favourite Resources: iDoceo Teacher’s Assistant App

@MathedUp – iDoceo ideas

Another idea, which I incorporated with the year 11 class I was teaching, was the #requestaworkselfie idea, also from @MathedUp. They enjoyed this and almost immediately book presentation and work quality/quantity went up – it is a shame I can’t continue working with this class, however I am considering using the idea with my KS3 classes later on in the term. I hope that I can spend some time making this easier by following some tips by @solvemymaths on this!

@MathedUp – Request a work selfie

@solvemymaths – My Classroom

During a #mathsTLP session before the first full week I asked for some place value lesson suggestions for year 7 with @DrBennison pointing me in the direction of inquirymaths.com. The website has a wide ranges of mathematical statements and prompts to engage pupils in an exploratory inquiry based lesson. After finding this website I also came across growthmindsetmaths.com which has a selection of pre-prepared mixed ability lessons which I will be making use of with our mixed ability year 7 classes until half term. A colleague at school also suggested youcubed.com which also has a selection of resources for growth mindset in the classroom.

Finally @mathsjem gave me some good suggestions, again during #mathsTLP, on how to start off with year 12 and it seemed to work very well with the class which was 35 strong due to our timetabling issues! The class size has now been resolved thankfully!

@mathsjem – Kicking off Year 12

I am very much looking forward to getting to know my new classes, and am particularly excited to be teaching year 13 first thing on Monday morning!