First blog post

I am strongly in support of sharing ideas and resources and believe it to be an important factor in developing as a teacher. I also think that making use of research can help to inform our practice and widen our mind sets and ideologies. As such I hope to make use of this blog (irregularly) as a way of sharing some of my ideas, discussions and resources for use in mathematics education.

I am only entering my NQT year in September, so I don’t claim to know all (or in fact much!) about mathematics education, or teaching in general. I am, however, constantly expanding my knowledge and developing my practice and so I hope some of my ideas will be well received and made use of. I will be open to comments and feedback on all of my posts and hope it is useful!

In the meantime here are a list of some of the mathematics education blogs I have recently come across via Twitter:

These are all excellent and there are so many more out there too!!