Chalkdust magazine

I visited UCL for a training course last week and I took the opportunity to catch up with the Chalkdust team, acquiring some copies of their magazine. This is a reasonably new ‘mathsy’ magazine which is being published by students in the mathematics department at UCL.

I’ve not had a proper chance to look thoroughly through it yet, but it looks both professional and full of exciting maths! Congratulations go to the Chalkdust team!

You can view an online version of the magazine in this link if you are interested!

Quick post: Why aren’t all penguins criminals?

I was sent this link a while ago, and on the webpage is a video of a maths teacher, Mr Ben Davies, who talks about his favourite lesson. The lesson he talks about is designed by Simple @ Complex (a group of research students at UCL) and is titled “Why aren’t all penguins criminals?” It is a mathematical modelling (50 minute) lesson aimed at year 9 pupils and makes use of videos from the BBC’s Frozen Planet series.

I haven’t yet used the resource but, after flicking through my iPad this evening and coming across the lesson plan, I thought I would share it. I have added the lesson plan to a new Dropbox folder for resources that I come across and will add the rest of the resources tomorrow.

Lesson plan

Online resources provided via Simple @ Complex

It looks like an exciting lesson and I would be interested to know if anyone else has used this resource and found it successful.